50 shades of pink

Knitting is still hot, hot pink actually, as the pussy hat becomes entrenched after making the cover of Time Magazine and is scheduled to appear globally again on International Women's Day March 8. Appearing at demonstrations, town hall meetings (which are down dramatically this past congressional recess compared to when the Tea Party was setting the agenda instead of individuals terrified at losing their affordable health care and who are justifiably angry with conservative elected representatives who have health care paid by our taxes), or simply as personal political statement, the pussy hat is a  phenomenon.  
photograph: Wayne Decker, ecomodista in pussy hat, location: Marquês de Pombal Square, Lisboa, sweater stella mccartney vintage.The impact of an extensive sea of pink pussy hats at the Washington DC demonstration on January 21 to protest the "election" of a man known only as the frump in ecomodista's household was instantaneous. The importance of this iconic knit hat was clearly established in images of  pink hats in DC, NYC, every state in the US and globally. Featured on the cover of New Yorker, and other media, the pussy hat represents not only feminism but humanitarian values. Women are finding it critical now to become more politically involved by running for office, from local to national elections. https://knittingbeforeknittingwascool.wordpress.com

Founded by Krista Suh & Jayna Zweiman of Los Angeles, the Pussy Hat Project provides instructions for knitting this hat, however flat which required seaming 3 sides. It became evident to ecomodista that variations were all about the ears, from crocheted hats to knit with shaped ears. Knitting in the round is most viable for the Continental method, so ecomodista quickly began experimenting, only to discover that the yarn was the critical element, that and using a smaller needle to give the textile firmer shape. The pattern provided below reflects these changes. The yarn was purchased in Münster, Germany at Violá, Ludgerstrasse 61 in the old city.  Known for their huge array of buttons Violá also stocks wonderful yarns produced regionally, and the yarn economodista purchased was quite chunky, a mohair, wool, and alpaca mixture for knitting with an American size 13 or 14 needle. see:https://www.pussyhatproject.com 

On a size 10 circular needle cast on 52 stitches with very chunky yarn usually knit with size 11 or 12 needle, basically the goal is to use a smaller needle than generally used for the fiber selected so that the knit is firm and use same needle for ribbing as body. (60 stitches for medium and 68 for large), begin knitting in the round avoiding a mobius when connecting circle, ribbing k2 p2 for 10 rows, 12 rows for medium and 13 for large. Change to stockinette stitch for another 23 row, 25 for medium and 26 for large. Divide hat in half onto two needles, then turn inside out to knit with third needle the cast off, be certain stitches are sufficiently loose. So ultimately the body of the pussy hat is purled so that "ears" are sufficiently pointed.

photograph: Wayne Decker, ecomodista location: Parque Eduardo VII, Lisboa, sweater stella mccartney vintage (honestly I didn't run around all day posing in my hat)

photo: Missoni A/W 2017 included the iconic pussy hat with the Missoni twist Missoni A/W 2017 presentation made a major feminist statement with the appearance of pussy hats with bands of ribbing in space dyed fiber. Gigi Hadid in this hat created waves of good will support for the company, proving that incorporating values into fashion is more important than ever.