fast fashion

Das Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MG&K in Hamburg Germany) has staged an extremely well thought, well documented, well explained exhibition portraying the horrors perpetrated by fast fashion (in case one is not a devoté this includes Zara, H & M, Target, among other purveyors of clothing that is designed to last no more than one season). The environmental and personal costs of producing fast fashion are myriad, from disappearing lakes where water is diverted to cotton production to women (often considered sexual prey by management) who must work long hours without benefit of unions, a living wage, or child care. see: fast fashion exhibition 

The exhibition design reflects the issues, bales of used clothing for couches--much of fast fashion is destined for landfill, although some is recycled. The greater issue is that the despoiled environment stemming from textile and clothing production negatively impacts our climate, air quality, and human lives devastated by harsh working conditions, few health or safety regulations, and lack of physical and intellectual freedoms.