riga unaravelled

Winter setting in on the Baltic is cozy, damp cold ameliorated by the innumerable cafes and new boutiques dedicated to consumption with a lighter carbon footprint have opened.  We flew into Riga from Hamburg to work with the stylist Deniss Schevelove who had just spent an enormous amount of time working with designers during Riga's Fashion Week, which regretfully we missed. Riga is incredibly modern and new construction abounds. ecomodista fears the fate of some of the wooden buildings at the edge of the Art Nouveau district, which we trawled when not working on knit wear. Initially we stayed at the Albert Hotel, and yes, it is dedicated to Albert Einstein, with clever allusions sprinkled throughout the building, including a clock for relative time. see:http://www.alberthotel.lv

The Albert has become a techie hub, just around the corner are corporate offices of groups such as Ask.lv an uncensored forum for teens and recently sold to Ask.com and Tinderbox owners.
Dress ELETTO, sunglasses by FENDI, shoes Lella Baldi  makeup Jekaterina Hlopova, hair Oksana Kirilenko

After considering several art nouveau buildings for the shoot, we decided that the Garden Palace Hotel would be divine. Built by a shipping magnate in the 18th century, it was empty and in disrepair after Latvia regained it's independence achieved after the Berlin Wall brought a crashing end to the Soviet regime. The current owner ultimately restored the building painfully dissecting layers and layers  of paint, to find the original colors, matching marbles and woods. Hotel Garden Palace is furnished with French antiques and Persian rugs, the bar embellished with art deco furnishings. The  incredibly lavish suites and hotel rooms and comfortable guest spaces exemplify a unique contribution to historic preservation.see:  http://www.hotelgardenpalace.lv

Deniss Schevelove, stylist, adjusts the model's shoes, photo credit Wayne Decker

 Knit coat TDaniell, dress ELETTO, model, Anelija-Niko, makeup Jekaterina Hlopova, hair Oksana Kirilenko

Latvian knitwear company, ELETTO,, first appeared in Riga Fashion Week in autumn 2011. ELETTO produces beautifully designed garments using natural materials - cashmere, cashmere with silk, alpaca, among other fibers.

Sweater Gareth Pugh, model Ekaterina Stafetskis, makeup Jekaterina Hlopova, hair Oksana Kirilenko