nothing is ever black or white

Enlightened by perusing London Fashion Week's A/W 2014 collections, yes yes, I have been incommunicado for a while, executing a five year plan, ecomodista perceived a trend, moving somewhat away from knitwear, and that which was displayed was long and decidedly chunky. 

Mark Fast known for spidery sexy knitwear is an avowed proponent of industrial mechanization, versus hand knitting. His catwalk presentation was populated by larger bulkier knits unlike past work, which fashion editors seemed intent on featuring a look that could vaguely be referred to as--dare one even breathe the word--a bathrobe? Although everyone coveted the sneakers/trainers/creepers, and everyone believes in his enormous talent, it may be difficult to introduce this trend. The majority of his work is eminently wearable, and certainly will offer inspiration to designers.

In New York Rodarte once again demonstrated a sophisticated handmade aesthetic. Laura and Kate Mulleavy's peplum tanks w/spaced dyed fiber in muted greens, browns, neutrals morphed into sleeves at one point and other sections of a garment. Intelligent and thoughtful, Rodarte created a magical winter scenario replete with glitter and lace.

Rodarte A/W 2014