of course we do LOVE cashmere...

There is more to cashmere than a pashmina shawl, originally woven by goat herders during the long frigid winters. While the superabundance of cashmere fiber fomented design advances, it has been the diffusion of the fiber in High Street clothing that has had the greatest impact. Of course ecomodista endorses open access to fashion, however it is the disposable quality of big box clothing that has overwhelmed our environmental resources. 

Sadly nomadic herders may be affected if the cashmere market shrinks, and numerous workers, designers and fabricators in Scotland rely the cashmere industry. Scotland's historical and cultural heritage is interwoven with cashmere, beginning with their late 18th century goal to replicate the fineness of cashmere fiber spun in France. 
not cashmere, design Sibling, S/S 2013, fiber, wool. Sibling was selected as Woolmark finalists this year photo credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Europe 

For hand knitters, modern or traditional working with Scottish cashmere yarns surely  transcends any other experience. Driving the knitting revival is the wide availability of these yarns and Scottish designers who feature cashmere knits in their collections. Learning to knit as a child, designer Clare Waight-Keller has always worked with knitwear and her goal for Pringle is, “To embrace the traditional artisan practice of craftsmanship and quality and re-interpret classic knitwear proportions and scale for today.” 

Designer, Stephanie Laird’s cashmere knitwear for Hillary Rohde embodies superlative quality in design and hand knit fabrication. In India and Pakistan, scientists devote countless hours to ameliorate global climate change, especially after the loss of approximately 25,000 Pashmina goats during a winter storm on the Cangthang plateau due to snow and ice covering their fodder. Their successful research resulted in a clone of the Pasmina goat, Noori. No doubt the fiber from this clone will be termed Noori. Now how environmentally friendly is that?

 Cristopher Kane A/W 2011 collection w/Johnston's one of Scotland's preĆ«minant cashmere manufacturers