iron age bateau neckline or how i learned to love global warming

Lendbreen Glacier 

A fascinating discovery was made several years ago  in a hunting area on Lendbreen glacier, 6,500 feet above sea level in Norway a tunic that may have been the precursor to sweaters. This Iron Age find was woven from wool and in a diamond twill pattern, which similar to cables, would produce tiny pockets of air that insure greater insulation. With global temperatures rising Norwegian archeologists now have access to regions previously unexplored.  As additional prehistoric artifacts are discovered, a detailed portrait of the Iron Age emerges. 

Iron Age woven tunic with bateau neckline incorrectly described as a sweater in various news accounts

Dating from 230 - 390 AD this recent find is one of the few tunics that exists from this period. Two different textiles (one for patching wear & tear) were used and positively identified as  wool.