raf simon's dior

A remarkable talent, Simons has moved into new territory for him, having explored (and perfectly integrating quintessential Jil Sander) the concept of the uniform, reflecting both his working class background, his exquisite sense of tailoring, color, and the luxury of cashmeres and other lush fibers.

In an interview with fashionmag.com Simons emphasized that Christian Dior was originally involved in the art world, representing Dali and Giacometti, and how this unleashed his own exploration of Warhol graphics as pattern. "For me, Warhol made so much sense. I was interested in the delicacy and sensitivity in the early work...I was drawn to that graphic style and the notion of hand work and personal signature."

Of course what is most exciting to ecomodista is a new direction for knitting/crochet with large needle knits overlapping houndstooth checks.

Dior RTW A/W 2013/2014 photograph: Nicole Pollard 

Is this the best or what? Although the hem on the houndstooth could be more definitive, seems to be out of accord, but the concept is brilliant.