transparency and media, b and b's among other observations

Alexander Wong sandels, ecomodista's one exception to buying vintage, they're so faux orthotic!

ecomodista does not facebook, nor does she wear logos, primarily wears vintage and handmade knits, not only her own (if only she could finish her Ruth Sørensen sweater!). In fact, ecomodista advocates the movement whereby consumers, not just fashion bloggers, are paid by designers such as Channel to wear their clothing and accessories.

As always control and patrol your closet by knitting, sewing, and consuming only vintage when possible. If consumers reduce consumption, political entities will have no choice but to develop jobs restoring the earth's environment, planting trees, protecting what wildlife is left, creating sustainable industries, and building an infrastructures that may cope with large scale storms resulting from climate change. The hurricane in the NE has finally forced NYC to explore various technologies to cope with flooding as the seas rise. The very fact that Mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg supported President Obama's reëlection on the basis of the administration's environmental stance, says it all.

Surprisingly, fashion blogging is often supported by corporate largesse if not payroll, and has finally been tackled on the Business of Fashion and in the New York Times. As Ruth La Ferla reports, seeding new or long-established designer labels into the street style mix "is a new way of doing PR." She interviewed Daniel Saynt, CEO of Socialyte, and director of social media campaigns for Burberry among others.

Photograph: White House B & B in Canterbury, UK

ecomodista does not accept payment or advertising for any endorsements. So what on earth is a gorgeous B & B in Canterbury doing here? The wonderful White House B & B housed me while I was working in the UK in May, paid by me accordingly. Contrary to what one might believe, ecomodista despises B & B's, ever since staying in teddy bear hell (I do love teddy bears, but 127 filling a room, on the fireplace mantle, in the bathroom?) I have refused to stay in a B & B since. However, when one is working compromises are necessary. The White House is hardly a compromise, the house is beautifully designed, and the housekeeping immaculate, and extremely well managed. Breakfast was superb.
Photograph: White House B & B in Canterbury, UK

I was working in Canterbury photographing a breeder and her Gypsy Cobs. Photographing horses and the Royal Windsor Horse Show is a departure for ecomodista, but if you are interested see "From the Horse's Mouth" at aRUDE Magazine, edited by the always stylish Ike Ude.