hommage a isabel marant

photograph: carla breeze

Size: Small (medium pattern possibly soon, but then ecomodista still needs to size the Noro Gansey...)

Yarn: Karabella Aurora Bulky and Aurora or wool/camel out of stock but one may substitute Classic Elite's Kumara, a medium weight yarn spun from wool and camel or the now scarce Debbie Bliss Fex yarn. Rowan Felted Tweed Chunky, Rowan Purelife Renew, Debbie Bliss Riva; Rowan Tweed Aran could be mixed with solids from Debbie Bliss or Classic Elite Ariosa wool and cashmere yarn using Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester Aran in exchange for the Rowan Linen Print, although scrounging on eBay may net some vintage yarn, but after all it's more important to use odds and ends, leftovers from previous projects. 

Gauge: 3.3 stitches per inch measured over 4 inches 5 rows per inch measured over 4 inches

color A: navy 
color B: Rowan linen print
color C: dark olive
color D: cobalt blue 
color E: mauve
color F: acid green
color G: jade

Cast on #11 circular needles 112 stitches, with color A navy k 3 p 2 ribbing for 4 rows, divide garment into half and mark each half, further identifying the beginning of the garment so that stitches may be counted for the various rows and clearly mark each side at stitch 1 - 56 and 57 - 112 on each side.

change to color B Rowan linen print (leave both ends out of the 2 colors, about 3 or 4 inches and continue this practice every time a color is changed) for almost 3 rows, at 42 stitches change to color C olive green 3 rows, then begin 4th row, at 22nd stitch on back be certain to leave 3 inch tail for each color change change to color D sky blue, around 1 row stopping at stitch 24 on the front side, begin color A  knit for 7 rows on front changing to color E at stitch 55 in back at stitch 22; change to color B for 2 rows ant to stitch 38 in front; begin color F, for 4 rows, at 5th row in front stitch 5, change to color D for almost 1 row, at stitch 42 on back, change to color C for 3 rows, on 4th row in front, at stitch 52, change to color B on second row in front of this color, at stitch number 19, change to color G on row number 4 in the back, at stitch number 9, change to color A for  7 rows, changing to color B in the front at stitch number 30, change to color B for 2 rows changing color in back to color E, for almost 2 rows. 

In front change to color C at stitch number 43 for almost 5 rows, ( at third row divide garment into two sides and knit stockinette rows) changing in front to color D at stitch number 8 almost i row, changing color in back to color F at stitch number 51. Knit 5 rows in acid green then change to color G at stitch number 5 in back, knit almost 5 rows, change to color B on row five at stitch number 14 in the back. Knit for almost 3 rows, changing to color A on an edge. On 5th row in front change to color C, purling the row for 28 stitches on front, and on row 4, change to color B at stitch number 14 begin ribbing, begin with 4 knit stitches, 2 purl then 3 knit 2 purl until last 4 stitches, then p 2, k 4 for 5 rows then bind off on wrong side with knit stitch. Repeat for other side in this manner: on fifth row of color C, change to color D at stitch number 9, to end of row, and change to color F, knit for 4 rows until stitch number 47 changing to color G remembering to leave 3 inch tails at color changes that occur. On row 5 of color F at stitch number 17 change to color B, knit in stockinette 2 rows then change at en of row 2 to color A, knit for 5 rows at row 6 stitch number 28 purl on the front side (if on the wrong side of textile, knit stitch instead of purl to create the purls. Knit 4 row, then change to color B, ribbing begins with k 4 (if on right side reverse for wrong side) p 2, then k3 p2 until last 6 stitches, p 2 k 4. Bind off with purl stitch if on right side, knit if on wrong side.

Using 3 needle technique pick up 14 stitches on one shoulder side of front & back, knit together.

Pick up sleeve stitches by picking up each stitch under sleeve on one side to row number 12, picking up every other stitch (6 stitches) then pick up every stitch for sleeve including the 1 shoulder seam stitch, knit one round on second round, decrease on either side of top row, by k 2 tog k 1 ssk then continue; on 4th round repeat. on 5th round on the back of sleeve, change to color E, on this row make decreases on either side of the under side of sleeve, k2  ssk, and last 4 stitches k 2tog k 2rows; decrease every other row until 42 stitches remain. Change color at row 3 on front at stitch 7 (be certain to mark top and halfway underneath arm) to color G for 4 rows, changing color on row 4 (of this color) stitch number 8 on the front of garment to color A on row 6 on the back, stitch number 14, change to color F for 4 rows, change on front to color D. Begin color C k for 5 rows on back of garment change to color E 6 stitches from middle of under arm. on front 2 stitches from middle under arm change to color B one row, the bind off in k stitch. Repeat for other side.

Work ends, if any that are not intentional into stitches.