Sunday, August 26, 2012

marant inspired pullover

photograph above: body of Marant inspired pullover, back, granted very little difference from the front; note diagonal specs of sun beam, but wouldn't that be lovely to embroider? photograph below: front of pullover

After making the gauge sample, ecomodista cast on, pattern will be available once it is finished. Knit in the round, since we do want this to be loose, without purl stitches on each side. Normally, when knitting stripes in the round, I slip the first stitch on the row following the row on which color is changed, a jogless stripe in other words, but since the stripes end is various places, basically where I want the ends to be dangling, this technique isn't necessary. The Marant pullover should be fun to knit, and economical, the yarns simply need to have a similar gauge. The shape is cropped with shorter sleeves that those in the S/S 2012 collection, but once I post the pattern, it should be easily adapted to longer body, any length of sleeves, etc. and if one errs in ending stripes and needs those yarn ends for simply aesthetic reasons, they can easily be tied on. Experimented with knotting the two yarn ends, but it was too lumpy, so this sweater may be more delicate as a result. Made a bateau neck, yes yes, it is my favorite neckline at the moment...Will finish soon and photograph with pattern. If you have already made a gauge sample, do send photos for me to post, try to align stripes correctly (it's difficult which is why I often use images diagonally), my architectural photography past continues to haunt my aesthetics. ecomodista stretched the body on a banker's carton lid to make as straight as possible, not perfect but always attempting to be!

Friday, August 10, 2012

swatching marant

After Anonymous contacted me about how one might create a Marant inspired sweater, ecomodista realized she must make one, knit in the round, from the neck down. First a swatch must be created. What I love about the S/S 2012 Marant knits is the casual, almost raggedy feel to these deconstructions. Why not use whatever odds and ends are lying around?

Note to self, must must must sell excess yarns on etsy, at my studio there are no leftovers, just overambitious skeins awaiting creation. I have a collection of Classic Elite Kumara yarn wool with 15% camel in various colors, but predominantly navy blue and a dark spinach green, which integrates well with stripes of Rowan's Linen Print, using #11 American size needles, although Classic Elite suggests #9. This swatch provides 4 stitches per inch or 16 stitches over 4 inches/10 cm and 19 rows. This may be too loose for a sweater knit in the round, even if one does create faux seams on each side, but to attain a similar slouchy look, it works. It never hurts to re-swatch with a smaller needle, to see how the textile will drape. When i cast on, will update this project, and will try to get medium and large sizings on this + the Noro gansey.