dilemma: one can't afford a Marant, one knows how to knit...

Just received this comment regarding Isabel Marant's wonderful sweaters: "Nice post!! I love it. Where I could find a pattern to make it on my own?? Thanks in advance. Pau"

Knitters have a dilemma, one might look at a sweater and see how it's made then knit one in a similar manner. ecomodista sees designs she covets, but of course because of our intellectual property laws, which are actually much more stringent and protective in the EU than the US, one can not infringe. However, it's certainly possible to be inspired by designers and allow that to influence one's designs. The primary caveat, is that these may only be made for one's personal consumption, the moment a pattern or actual copy is sold, then copyright infringement is an issue. Sometimes, I post exciting new designs to stimulate thought. In the case of Marant, the lesson seems to be stay looser, use larger needles, don't worry about yarns, use up odds and ends, and never never work the yarn ends in, allow them to dangle and become part of the design. See: http://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/spring-summer-2012/ready-to-wear/isabel-marant