ecomodista's noro gansey pattern

Having read so much about ganseys, one of the qualities appealing to ecomodista is the same front and back,  originally designed this way so that wear could be evened out over two sides instead of one. ecomodista continues to be enamoured with Rowan's Kidsilk Haze, originally because it allowed her to use a larger needle size when combining it with another yarn, then the haze offered so much more warmth, she was smitten. The haze also softened the color transitions of Noro. This pattern is for a simple gansey without the various traditional stitch patterns. Soon another, more traditional Aran gansey pattern will be posted. If you encounter any problems, do contact me.

ecomodista’s Noro/Kidsilk Haze Gansey Pattern: 

Materials: circular needle: #6 8 skeins Noro Silk Garden Lite together w/5 skeins Kidsilk Haze Trance (color A) & 2 skeins, Ella Rae Camelino or similar yarn (color B)

Gauge: 6 stitches to the inch measured over 4 inches & 7 rows to the inch measured over 4 inches, to obtain an accurate gauge, one should knit sample in the round

Pattern below is for Small size (which is why it's short and tight on Megan above) working on Medium and Large size instructions. Thank you, Sara for mentioning the lack of sizing on first posting of pattern!

Cast on 158 stitches w/color B 

Continue color B, ribbing k2 p2 for 9 rows, then change to color A, combining one yarn Rowan Kidsilk Haze and one strand Noro Silk Garden Lite, use 2 skeins of color A mixture, so that after the first round of color in Noro,one may continue that color making stripes wider, best to carry it up the middle stitch in the back; mark sides at 1st stitch and 79th stitch; after 32 rows begin decrease by k2, SSK. Knit to last 4 stitches on front, k2tog, k2, on back k 2 SSK then knit to last 4 stitches, k2tog k 2. Decrease every 8th row. 

After 6 decreases (60 rows), knit 9 rows then begin increases next row and increase every other row (x 5) by: k 2 kk m 1 knitting in front & back of stitch, knit to last 3 stitches on front, continue increases on back of garment in same manner. Knit one more row in stockninette in the round then separate front & back, continue stockinette to shoulder stockinette, 30 rows + or -, then change to color B. There should be 88 stitches on needle, begin ribbing w/k3 p 2, k 2 p3 to last 3 stitches, k3 repeat another 7 rows, bind off in stitch pattern, repeat on back. To finish shoulders turn inside out and knit w/3 needles 25 stitches, continue across neck w/crochet until reaching 25 stitch mark, then repeat 3 needle knitting on other side for bateau neckline. 

Create sleeves by picking up stitches around arm with yarn A, and begin sleeve. after 4 rows begin decreases the same mnner as on body of sweater, every 6th row until left with 40 stitches, continue until sufficiently long (20 - 30 rows), then add ribbing of k2 p3 for 9 rows, bind off w/purl stitch.