arne & carlos knit--christmas ornaments, pullovers, dickeys

Arne & Carlos cardigan and is this a dickey?

A dickey? ecomodista resorted to wikipedia for the definition of this one, a detachable shirt front and in the 20th century, false turtle neck sweaters. of course, being eternally cold, ecomodista doesn't really understand why one wouldn't want the rest of the turtleneck--sleeves and body. This is just the sort of ersatz dressing that is so discouraging, although it's possibly semi-functional, keeping one's neck warm, but then why not wear a scarf. Anyway, the concept seems to have caught on, Juan  Cocco, student in Madrid sports one.

The nordic duo, Arne & Carlos create sensational designs whether for Comme des Garcons or traditional knit Christmas ornaments. Jason Dike reports on The Gentleman's Corner, "The Norwegian company, named after their owners Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison, started out as a womenswear collection in 2002 [located in Valdres]." Garnering  positive responses to their knitwear, ultimately resulted in their total commitment to knits and at the same time, Arne & Carlos initiated a men's collection, introduced Fall/Winter 2008 Paris. 

In an interview with selectism, the team was asked how they became so wildly popular. "We started out as a women's wear brand and mainly did wovens, but also some knitwear. After a few years in the business, it turned out we were getting the best feedback on our knitwear, and we started getting noticed for that. After thinking about it for a while we decided to stop doing wovens and focus 100% on our knitwear...So when we showed our first knitwear collection for men suddenly we started to sell to all these high-end fashion stores [Liberty and Dover Street Market in London, which led to their high profile collaboration with Comme des Garcons]... at the time we managed to edit our collections in a much better way, once we got rid of everything else except the knitwear. 

Their book, 55 Christmas Balls to Knit, has been translated into English as is available at Amazon and numerous yarn shops in the US and Canada. It has been pointed out that the color patterns are easily adaptable to sweaters or even dickeys!


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