above left, hand knit napkins at Anne & Peter's home in Copenhagen; center gilet designed by Bente Geil, and necklace knit from gold and stones by Zuzana Rudavska, well known Slovakian artist; upper right, Isager yarns

Denmark seethes with outstanding knitwear designers and knitters. One boutique, Sabine Poupinel located on Kronprinsensgade 12 in Copenhagen represents some of these designers, such as Barbara I Gongini, perfect for one's inner goth, and the incredible Gudrun og Gudrun. Faroese wool is unbelievably soft, and ecomodista regrets not purchasing one of their sweaters in the boutique. Viewing their enterprise as one link in the chain of sustainability, Gudrun og Gudrun's hand knits are created using wool from local sheep, and have an organic line which is pesticide and dye free. Known for their avant garde designs inspired by Norse myths, they also work with traditional motifs.

see Kamicha's


And of course, considering the knit in Denmark, Marianne Isager is an icon, designing stylish knits inspired by various cultures. Her daughter, Helga is an outstanding designer in her own right, being more involved in fashion than color work patterns, and one may see her latest collection at: 

Tutto, an importer in Santa Fe, New Mexico distributes the Isager's yarn. A wonderful yarn shop in Copenhagen, Sommerfuglen on Vandkunsten 3 is a great place to browse and see the Isager's patterns.

Next posting ecomodista will include Benet Geil and Ruth Sørensen's work.