knitting, designers, slow travel

Trekking around the EU, primarily by train, ecomodista photographs extraordinary knitwear, in the process interviewing exciting designers who often use sustainable practices and materials. Fashion knitters in European countries, east and west may produce one offs or use local knitters for production, but none are sending production abroad. Designers are fascinating creatures. Not all have been trained at fashion institutes, the designer for Hillary Rohde, Stephanie Laird, was a classical ballerina before becoming a designer. A few are intellectuals, or even linguists, who simply "find" themselves desiging and knitting. Designers often subvert traditional knit stitches or patterns, so ecomodista explores historical knitting, from examples in museums to family heirlooms.
wd-40 films us as we chat about how a concept for a design transpires, whether the 16 year old Finnish yarn bomber deplores current urban design, and any other topics related to knitting, so we'll post clips occasionally. ecomodista peeks into wool shops, scouting  locally produced yarns, and determining what type of clothing people are knitting with these fibers. wd-40 captures behind the scenes on fashion shoots of knits, one of the most difficult types of clothing to photograph...but at the end of the day, if we can nestle into a cafe, order local apĆ©ritifs, and even knit a few rows before tumbling into bed at a sleek minimalist hotel, such as the Pure in Frankfurt, see: below or 25 Hours in Hamburg, above with pink door. see: